One of a kind glacier

The measurement of a unique glacier

Every year since 2011, an expedition has been carried out on the Arcouzan glacier, near Mont Valier with surveyors, scientists and technicians.

This is the most isolated glacier in the Ariège Pyrenees chain at an altitude of 2,500 metres. It is an excellent site for carrying out measurement campaigns to better understand and protect it. It is an important environmental issue for EXAGONE.

At the end of September 2016, TERIA Network team assisted the surveyors by helping them to measure the glacier with three new innovations, including TERIAsat. A service to increase the accuracy of satellite geo-positioning. Thanks to these solutions, experts were able to make a reassuring observation. The glacier was not affected by global warming and its area has continued to grow until 2016. Despite a slight decrease at the end of September 2016, scientists remain optimistic and report a trend in the right direction.


Year  Surface (m2)
2011 18600
2012 19700
2013 25200
2014 28100
2016 24800

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