The measurement of the Mont-Ventoux

A mythical road

At the request of the mayor of Bedoin, a famous village at the foot of Mont-Ventoux, several teams of surveyors from Vaucluse and EXAGONE participated in the measurement of the latter. The aim was to determine the exact altitude of the highest point on the access road to its summit.

Thanks to the stations, GPS receivers of the TERIA Network and the efforts of each of them, the surveyors placed landmarks at four strategic points: the first at kilometre 0 (the start of the ascent), the second at the turn of Saint-Estève, the third at the chalet de Reynard and finally one at the top of the D 974 road.

The results were transmitted on June 10, 2016: the arrival of the road culminates exactly at 1,897.1 meters above sea level and not at 1,912 meters as indicated, which is actually the altitude of the highest point on the mountain. Cyclists who wish to climb Mont-Ventoux will therefore have the pleasure of enjoying a 1587.7-meter drop.



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