3 women, 3 personalities, 3 athletes… 1 Team TERIA 100% woman

Frédérique, Stéphanie and Candice took to the road on March 4, 2010. Heading for Cambodia, to participate in the Raid Amazones 2018.

Together, they decided to take up this challenge. It is above all a human experience combining sport, ecology, cultural discovery and solidarity. More motivated than ever, these amazons represented their respective islands for 10 days: Mayotte and Reunion Island, promoted TERIA and the profession of Surveyor, and raised funds for the association “Géomètres Sans Frontières“.

After several months of preparation, Team TERIA did a good job faced with more than 300 adventurers.

"We gave the maximum; the hardest thing was to eat the roasted mygal to win 1 mn 30 in the ranking! The pace was demanding because we got up on average every morning at 3:45 am; shopping was early so as not to suffer from the heat (for us it was not really a problem) and in the afternoons, there were visits to the daily life of the population with the distribution of school supplies in the bush schools."

StéphanieTERIA Amazon

Indeed, the team pushed back its limits, which allowed it to place 2nd during 4 events. These very good times gave them the second step of the podium overall.

Congratulations to our Amazon team for this great victory and team spirit, you proudly represented the human and sporting values dear to TERIA…

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