At the end of 2018, TERIA organised several round tables with ESTIA on the subject of satellite precision geolocation.

The event, initiated by TERIA, took place at the ESTIA Bidart Institute of Technology, Engineering School in the Basque Coast.

This first edition was an opportunity to consolidate the interactions between the different market players. It has also made it possible to strengthen collaborations for the development of future solutions.

There were nearly a hundred participants and speakers, including Mr Jean François DALBIN, National President of the Ordre des Géomètres-Experts. They led quality discussions on the technological and economic challenges of precision localization.

The objective of these participatory conferences was to bring together students and professional experts to discuss the changes and opportunities in the various markets related to geolocation.
High-precision geolocation has many fields of application and technological developments in miniaturization and cost reduction greatly open up opportunities.

Once the debates were opened by Jean BERTERRECHE, President of the TERIA Network, and Patxi ELISSALDE, Director of the ESTIA Campus, the experts and students discussed the themes of Smart City & Mobility, industry, aeronautics, precision agriculture, the environment… Topics that are at the heart of our daily lives.

A very beautiful experience with presentations and interventions of very high quality. All the participants were very satisfied, which is a very good omen for future editions.

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Among the speakers, were present:

Jean BERTERRECHE, President of the TERIA Network
Patxi ELISSALDE, Director of the ESTIA Campus
Patrick DI RENZO General Manager of the TERIA Network
Paul CHAMBON, Technical Director of the TERIA Network
Daniel JOUANNET, TERIA Quality Director / Megaptera Association
Guillaume TERRASSON ESTIA Recherche, teacher-researcher
Hélène GAUTIER, Head of the GNSS Performance Monitoring Department at CNES
Michel OSTROWIECKI Director Capgemini Bayonne
Florence GHIRON, President of the TOPOS cluster, Founding President of Capital High Tech
Fabien RODES, Expert Consultant in Environmental Information Systems at VELOXIA SAS
Gilles PICHON, President of SIG-IMAGE
Vianney BERTAUD, Cycling Project Manager, Basque Country Mobility Union Adour
Hubert FORGEOT, President of AGUILA Technologies
Fabrice LAPEYRADE, Airbus Flight and Integration Test Centre EVICI – Flight tests for certification.
Cédric LYNAM, Head of Digital Transition and Lean, LAUAK Group
Marc LEMINH, Director of Innovation and Strategy at CLS Group
Xavier LEBLAN, Director of GUIDE.
Michel RAVELET, journalist, Editorial Director of Géomètre magazine


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