The TERIA Team has successfully taken up the challenge of the Semi-Marathon of Paris

All the team members : Paul, Emmanuel, Gregory, Raphael, Gaëlle,.Anne, Deborah, Jean-Yves and Cindy gave their best to finish the race. The bad weather did not obstruct their motivation, they crossed the finishing line with the applause of the crowd.

"We are driven by the spectators and the flow of runners. With this atmosphere, we stay focused on the goal throughout the race. I'm proud to have completed this semi and to have participated in a challenge within my company!"

EmmanuelTechnical Engineer at TERIA

"Tears of pride from the 20th kilometre because it was clear that I would therefore go all the way. A unique feeling as if I was high and the idea of thinking that anything is possible if you believe in it, you can decide to break down your own barriers."

GaëlleLegal Officer at the Ordre des Géomètres-Experts

"Before the 16th kilometre, running in Paris was very pleasant despite the weather. But pain in my knees and ankles made me slow down, I was just thinking about my teammates, and the promise of our management (donation for an association) if we crossed the finishing line. It gave me strength to continue."

GrégoryHead Accountant

"Beyond yourself, cohesion, mutual support and challenge".

Anne & CindyQuality and Development Manager & Accounting Manager at OGE

Thanks to its courage, spirit of solidarity and determination,
Team TERIA raised 10,000 euros to help the victims of Irma in the West Indies.

Congratulations ! TERIA is so proud of its team.


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