TERIA - Plongeur -mer

Teria Network becomes TERIA and takes on a new visual identity

While preserving the brand’s values and fundamentals, the French company, an expert in geolocation, is adopting a new visual identity for the beginning of 2019.

From the name conveyed by the logo, to the colours and the website, all the company’s visual codes are being renewed and modernised.

A new name for a new identity

The first major change is the brand name. It is easier and more readable. Network disappears to give way only to TERIA.

Clearer and more direct, this choice was influenced in particular by TERIA’s relationship with its customers.

Today TERIA is much more than a network...


… TERIA has acquired a name, an identity that is now known and recognized.

Many of our customers were already calling us TERIA. Finally, we have brought our visual identity closer to the relationship we have forged with our customers and partners over the years. »

Jean BERTERRECHEPresident of TERIA, Honorary Expert Surveyor

A new graphic approach

The creation of the visual identity was entrusted to the Parisian agency Advitam.

The agency has proposed a refined graphic evolution that repositions geolocation within the name itself, and the universal geolocation symbol is re-stylised and rotated to the left to form the TERIA A.

This symbol which has become common in all digital applications, is also at the heart of the logo and represents TERIA’s involvement in new technologies.

TERIA logo is presented in a fully typographed form.

Logo Origin geolocation geolocalisation https://www.creads.fr/blog/actualite/signification-couleurs-logo

Advitam develops a rounded font in harmony with the circular aspect of the new brand symbol. The “A” is the alpha that marks the beginning of a new era for the company.

A colourful universe


A new multicoloured palette has appeared, the centrepiece of which is the orange TERIA.

This new colour will be accompanied by blue and purple… on some publications and applications. More sparkling, these highly contrasting colours will revive the brand’s new supports.


This change in visual identity illustrates the company’s transformation and marks a new stage in its history.

This new visual identity is also visible on social networks because 2019 is also the beginning of TERIA on LINKEDIN and INSTAGRAM.


The new graphic identity aims to affirm TERIA’s dynamism in its various actions. 



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