TERIA -Galileo

The 4 satellites launched in 2018 are finally operational.

Almost 6 months after their launch (25 July 2018), the 4 “Galileos” are operational and will join the rest of the constellation. This arrival will allow an unprecedented increase in the quality of service.

GALILEO, a worldwide service

It is through the Ariane 5 and Soyuz launchers that GALILEO currently owns 26 satellites in orbit around the globe, and thanks to the mesh they form, a user will be positioned by 4 different satellites all over our planet. Currently 12 new “Galileos” are in production. The European Space Agency (ESA) is planning new launches, the next one for 2020.

These four new satellites mark an important step towards use in a variety of fields: maritime, air and land transport, agriculture, public works, emergency or rescue operations…

Alina Hriscu – GSA
Paul Chambon – TERIA
Torben Juulslager – GEOPARTNER

Les avantages de GALILEO pour TERIA

The four constellations GALILEO, GPS, GLONASS and BEIDOU will allow users to receive on average more than 21 satellites, which will greatly reduce the mask areas.

The positioning service provided by the GALILEO satellites is a world first.  Users will be able to rely on signals dedicated to professional or consumer applications.

In addition, GALILEO signals are therefore more robust to multi-path and already allow the use of three-frequency positioning.

TERIA technologies are already based on the GALILEO constellation. The TERIA team works alongside its partners to provide feedback on the use of the service.

GALILEO will be 100% operational in 2020 and TERIA is looking forward to it..

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