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A 2018 promotion with projects in mind

On Tuesday, March 19, the Ordre des Géomètres-Experts (OGE) expanded its family with new arrivals. A look back at this beautiful event sponsored by Julien DENORMANDIE, Minister for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local and Regional Authorities.

The welcoming ceremony for the new D.P.L.G. graduates and new expert surveyors was held on Tuesday 19 March 2019 at the headquarters of the Ordre des Géomètres-Experts in Paris.
Presented by the President of the Order, Jean-François DALBIN. It was also sponsored by Minister Julien DENORMANDIE.

Also present during this prestigious event were the members of the Superior Council of the Order, the internship supervisors of the recipients, the members of the Jury of the D.P.L.G. and various guests of the Order including Jean BERTERRECHE, President of TERIA.

20 new laureates at the D.P.L.G.

Since 1946, the diploma of land surveyor and the profession have been recognised and supervised by the State. Today the diploma of land surveyor is the only one still supervised by the State in the form of a D.P.L.G.

This year, 20 surveyors have passed their D.P.L.G. Among the laureates of this 2018 promotion, we count 4 women and 16 men. Although parity has not yet been established, the profession is attracting more and more talented women.

We congratulate these 20 winners for their work and commitment.

Now graduated, these surveyors will be eligible to become expert surveyors. After finalising their internships and taking the oath, they will be able to carry out their activity as individuals, as partners or employees.

Laurent Carrier DPLG

“The choice of the D.P.L.G. marked the end of my studies. I have a particular background because I have a C.A.P, a B.E.P, a B.T.S. in geometry and topography.  It is therefore the culmination of a school curriculum and of course a professional one, because I was an employee in a surveyor’s office.
The difficulty of the D.P.L.G. is to combine studies, professional life and family life. This diploma gives me a certain freedom of choice in the exercise of my future profession.”

Graduate D.P.L.L.G, Class of 2018

61 new expert surveyors

2018 is a great year for the profession. 61 surveyor-topographers, 47 male and 14 female, were sworn in and registered on the Order’s roll.
This forward-looking generation, sensitive to new technologies, is the symbol of a modern Order. It will be the actor of tomorrow’s projects. 

Minister Julien DENORMANDIE, who could not be present, wanted to send a message to the new Surveyors. In a recorded video, he emphasized the importance of the profession and its place in our society. He wished to recall that the expert surveyor is the only one authorized to “define ownership” by setting the limits of land property. He is also at the origin of a large number of projects, and his function is essential to their successful completion.

The TERIA team would like to congratulate the new graduates and new entrants to the Order of Surveyors. We wish them every success in their new activities.

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