Review of the Regional General Meetings

May and June are very busy times for TERIA, which travels all over France to participate in Regional General Meetings. This is a good opportunity to take stock of the actions undertaken and the new projects that actively contribute to the company’s reputation. The GM planning was completed with the General Meeting of Le Mans (June 25-26-27) at the ESGT.

Learning points

TERIA presented the 2018 activity by developing five distinct components: technical, commercial, communication, event management, governance and training assistance.

An inventory of the accounting situation and an overview of the 2019 objectives completed this presentation.

Technical aspect

The TERIA network is a 100% national GNSS network with an availability rate of 99.80%. To date, it is the only certified GNSS Network management structure in France: QUALITY and ENVIRONMENT ISO 9001 – ISO 14001.

The TERIAsat solution, which allows the user to transmit corrected data to increase accuracy, is now 100% operational both on French territory and in Western European countries. Beyond this service, TERIA offers 20 GB cards without APN blocking and multi-operator cards also valid in Europe.

2018 it is also the extension of the network on the Island of Mayotte and the Island of Reunion but also requests for collaborations on Africa or Polynesia.

Business aspect

The business aspect showed a steady increase in activity with an increasingly strong impact of non-professional services. Concerning shareholders, the subscription grid has been reorganized.

Communication/Marketing aspect

Recently created, the communication department has put in place a new strategy to best respond to the company’s evolutions. A complete redesign of the website has been carried out. The Newsletters will contain regular communications to shareholders. Finally, an active presence on social networks will complete this system.

Event aspect

2018 marks the inauguration of the TERIA network on Reunion Island, which is now operational after the equipment in Mayotte. Throughout the year, TERIA actively participates in various events organised with the Grandes Ecoles such as BATICUP, JURIS’CUP and EDHEC/AVGT. TERIA is also a sponsor of top athletes on their way to the TOKYO 2020 and PARIS 2024 Olympics.

TERIA is concerned about the environment and is involved in monitoring endangered marine species in partnership with the MEGAPTERA association. TERIA also participates in major measurement expeditions such as those of Mont-Blanc, the Arcouzan Glacier and the Barre des Écrins.

Governance aspect

Regarding governance, an evolution of the Articles of Association is planned and concerns the eligibility of the shareholder, the strengthening of the role of the Audit Committee and the protection of shareholders. The objective of its new measures is to constantly adapt to the evolution of services, to ensure the sustainability of operations and to secure the rights of each shareholder.

Training support aspect

TERIA is concerned about the future of new generations and want to support them in their training cycles by participating in “Prestigious universities” events such as the ESTIA day in the industrial sector or the Business Game with the three Engineering Schools training the future Surveyors organised by the Ordre des Géomètres-Experts.

2019 Expectations

2019 is a pivotal year for TERIA, which continues its progress in its quest for excellence.

  • Expansion of the TERIA network on the French Guiana, Saint-Barthélémy, Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Mauritius.
  • Distribution of TERIAsat boxes
  • Signing financial agreements with European networks Implementation of the ISO 27 001 platform on information security
  • Research & Development active in GNSS applications
  • Monitoring World Bank projects in Africa
  • Participation in key trade fairs (Salon des Maires, Intergéo, autonomous vehicles, etc.)
  • Student support and participation in “Prestigious Universities” events

A project for Europe

The extension to Europe requires perfect continuity in service quality in terms of availability, accuracy, repeatability and integrity. Proposals will be made based on the following areas of work :

  • Creation of a single GNSS network covering all European Community countries, based on a PPP-RTK logic
  • Implementation of an exchange format specific to Europe,
  • Securing the service with improved integrity.
Projet pour l'Europe - TERIA

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