EasyMile, the French start-up for autonomous vehicles

TERIA is at the centre of innovation in the field of “Smart-cities”. These ” intelligent cities ” are based on several fundamental aspects, one of the pillars of which is mobility. EasyMile , which is one of our partners-customers, is a pioneer in the field of mobility and autonomous vehicles.

Focus on this French company that overturns the codes of the driverless vehicle.

Autonomous mobility solutions, moving without human intervention.

In 2014, Gilbert Gagnaire and Philippe Ligier founded this unique start-up in Toulouse. Specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics, the company is currently developing several intelligent transport solutions.

French pioneer of driverless mobility, EasyMile is changing the traditional vision of passenger and goods transport. Since its creation, it has been developing autonomous mobility solutions based on vehicles manufactured by recognized industrial partners such as Alstom and Ligier.
In fact, it is thanks to the latter that EasyMile is launching its 3rd generation of autonomous shuttles EZ10 this year.


EZ10: the 100% electric autonomous vehicle.

EasyMile provides driverless vehicles by focusing on specific use scenarios. This is the case of the autonomous electric shuttle EZ10 which allows intelligent mobility in urban environments. Designed to connect hubs that are sometimes poorly served, it provides new mobility for public and private sites. The EZ10 is the most widely deployed driverless shuttle in the world.

Launched for the first time in April 2015, the EZ10 is proving its worth in the field with more than 200 deployments, 380,000 passengers over 600,000 km travelled in autonomous mode.

On june, 10th 2019 EasyMile launched the 3rd version of its flagship shuttle on 10 June 2019. Fully electric, the shuttle blends futuristic design with a unique passenger experience. The EZ10 is currently deployed on public and private roads and in more than 25 countries on 4 continents:

  • Bois de Vincennes – France
  • University of Lausanne in California – USA
  • Botanical Garden – Singapore
The TERIA trump card

This shuttle can accommodate up to fifteen passengers in an environment where cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians can all be accommodated.

It carries multiple sensors (telemetry, odometry, lidars, etc.) and also TERIA solutions for shuttle navigation and guidance. This combination of equipment guarantees safe and reliable navigation without the need for additional infrastructure.
The permanent availability of the TERIA réseau makes us a partner of choice in the search for a robust solution that meets the most important safety criteria.

This is one of the main objectives of this technology. The autonomous vehicle aims above all to improve safety and save lives by eliminating human error. In top of this, it provides additional mobility options in places where public transport is lacking.

TERIA brings added value because it is certified for its quality that it is a reference in terms of positioning within the framework of autonomous vehicles. EasyMile is one of our longstanding partners but it is not the only one. TERIA supports several major players in the field.

Among those we can mention, NAVYA and TRANSDEV who also use TERIA’s services and expertise in this field.
TERIA is also a member of GUIDE, the first European accreditation laboratory designed to certify navigation systems for autonomous vehicles.


The stakes in the field of autonomous vehicles are enormous. TERIA is one of the emerging market players.

Learn more about TERIA in video
” TERIA c’est quoi? “

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