Virginio and his sponsor TERIA at the Angoulême Comics Festival

Involved in various partnerships, TERIA is also present in art. For several years, TERIA has been supporting Virginio VONA, a humanist comic strip artist. On the occasion of the 46th edition of the Angoulême Comics Festival, Virginio exhibits his comic strips “Fenice”. The edition of the third volume “Fenice, les ombres du temps” was entirely financed by TERIA.

The encounter between Virginio & TERIA

When the world of art meets the world of business.

The partnership between Virginio and TERIA was born by word of mouth. In 2015, thanks to a mutual friend, Virginio met the CEO of TERIA for the first time. Afterwards he was invited to give a live artistic performance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Exagone-TERIA at the headquarters of the Order of Surveyors. It was followed by a new performance at the Higher School of Surveyors-Topographers in Le Mans, TERIA’s historical partner. Then other projects came into being, such as the creation of a personalised birthday card, a work donated to the RAID in homage to the victims of the attacks of 13 November in Paris, or a live performance at the Gare de Lyon, a work that is now exhibited in the Gare de Lyon itself.

Following these various artistic collaborations, sponsorship naturally presented itself to the two actors with the desire to convey strong human values through art.

A Look Back at the Angoulême Comics Festival

A real success for this 46th edition of the Angoulême Comics Festival.

This event was an opportunity for Virginio to promote the comic strip “Fenice, les ombres du temps” to a wider and more eclectic audience. This year, TERIA had the pleasure of accompanying him at this major event, which welcomed nearly 230,000 visitors. As human values are at the heart of TERIA’s corporate culture, it was natural to be there and to support this artist. TERIA’s commitment to various partnerships is an integral part of its DNA and creates a real bond with these different players.

It was important for me that TERIA accompanied me to this great event. It means a lot.

Virginio VONAArtiste-Peintre & Auteur de bande-dessinée
FENICE, alternative cyberpunk comic book

In a world where corruption reigns supreme, human greed has taken precedence over reason. Evil is everywhere, and the prevailing insecurity is slowly drifting towards the order of chaos…

No one can move from one world to another without getting lost in it…

Yet a man grants himself this possibility, a being who does not answer to any law. A wandering soul with no past, an immortal in search of his identity and future.

His name is Fenice, a vigilante hero who will fight for fairness and freedom.

This work was imagined by Virginio VONA, cartoonist and Iah-Hel, scriptwriter co-author.

“Fenice represents justice and humanism.”

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