The post COVID-19 period



Dear customers,

The pandemic is gradually moving away and I hope, as I write, that you and your close relatives will have passed through it without damage.

During this crisis, thanks to the unfailing mobilization of our staff, we have done everything we can to ensure continuity of service.

Following the support measures, we have received many messages of thanks that have confirmed our choices in this delicate period for all of us.

Concerning our supplier partners, we have equally maintained their services and respected 100% of our financial commitments.

Now it is time to relaunch the business.

Most of you have returned to the building sites, but the recovery looks set to be gradual.

Our teams are listening to you. Be assured of our full support.

Our R&D unit also remains active in the face of a very changing market that is calling on us more and more. In the coming weeks, we will be offering you a new range of products and services.

Together we will seize these new opportunities.

With my dedicated feelings.

Président d’EXAGONE

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