Italia del Père-Lachaise, a mobile application initiated by TERIA

As a homage to famous Italian personalities, the Consulate General and the COMITES (Committee of Italians Residing Abroad) have launched the editorial project “l’Italia del Père-Lachaise”. From this project was born an interactive application that allows to geolocate the location of the tombstones of the Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Italy highlighted at Père Lachaise

The Italy of Père-Lachaise – Extraordinary Lives of Italians from France and French from Italy is a new cultural project of the COMITES in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Paris with the contribution of the Directorate General for Italians Abroad and Migration Policies. This project aims to enhance the memory of 60 famous people, both Italian and French of Italian origin, whose graves are located in the Père-Lachaise Cemetery, the largest in Paris and one of the most famous in the world.

The project includes :

  • an original map of Père Lachaise with the graves of the characters,
  • a handbook with the routes to be followed and a brief description of each character,
  • a bilingual illustrated volume,
  • a smartphone application allowing interactive exploration of monuments.

This editorial project inspired the idea of creating an interactive mobile application created by TERIA, sponsor of the artist Virginio Vona, who was commissioned to create an original comic strip “l’Italia del Père Lachaise, il canto del Gallo”. TERIA was therefore chosen to manage the design of this geolocation application.

L'Italia del Père-Lachaise

The tribute to the famous Italians :

Nearly 60 well-known figures are buried in the Père Lachaise cemetery :

  • Maria Alboni
  • Vincenzo Bellini
  • Serge Belloni
  • Giovanni Bensi
  • Marco Bordogni
  • Ferdinando Bosso
  • Carlo, Ettore
  • Rembrandt Bugatti
  • Caffi Andrea
  • Maria Callas
  • Ricciotto Canudo
  • Enrico Cernuschi
  • Luigi Cherubini
  • Eugenio Chiesa
  • Corvi Jaques
  • Denina Carlo
  • Giuseppe De Nittis
  • Cino Del Duca
  • Giandomenico Facchina
  • Lucien Fontanarosa
  • Antonio Franconi
  • Piero Gobetti
  • Grisi Giulia
  • Teresa et Maria Milanollo
  • Amedeo Modigliani
  • Yves Montand (Ivo Livi)
  • George Moustaki (Giuseppe Mustacchi)
  • Gioachino Murat
  • Virginia Oldoini
  • Aureli Orioli
  • Francesco F. Paer
  • Antonio Pacini
  • Giuseppe Palizzi
  • Adelina Patti
  • Serge Peretti
  • Gennaro Perrelli De Palerme
  • Emmanuela Potocka Pignatelli
  • Willy Rizzo
  • Carlo e Nello Rosselli
  • Maria Giuseppe Tommaso Rossetti
  • Gioacchino Rossini
  • Fabrizio Ruffo principe di Castelcicala
  • Pietro Savorgnan Di Brazzà
  • Carlo Evasio Soliva
  • Eugenia Tadolini (Savorani)
  • Enrico Tamberlick
  • Maria Taglioni
  • Angelo Tarchi
  • Giuseppe Tortoni
  • Ennio Quirino
  • Lodovico Tullio Gioacchino Visconti
  • Achille Zavatta
  • Les Garibaldiens

The mobile app

Simple and interactive, this interactive application allows visitors to geolocate Italian deceased personalities during their walk through the Père-Lachaise Cemetery. When the application is launched, a map appears with the positioning of the different burials. By clicking on one of the positions, a pop-up window appears with a brief description of the character.

Application Père Lachaise
Application Père Lachaise

Download the application now

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