TERIA Terminal, free yourself from dead zones*.

Receive corrections with centimetric accuracy in real time with the TERIA Terminal which combines TERIA et TERIAsat services on all your GNSS receivers, even in the most difficult areas (dead zones).


*A territory not covered by a mobile network. No mobile operator covers this territory, sparsely populated and most often located in rural areas

Product description

Antenna and GNSS receiver integrated
On/Off Button
RAM standard grip
Battery Autonomy >8h
SIM card slot
LEMO connector
Clips for opening the cover
Battery cover

The TERIA Terminal is a multi-source modem that can provide high precision corrections in real time. Thanks to its double reception, the terminal receives corrections from both the cellular network and the satellite network.

It is possible to connect to TERMINAL TERIA via different sources :

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Serial cable (optional)

This modem integrates an intelligent management of the different sources of NRTK corrections or from SSR models (coming from TERIAsat) and broadcasts them via the different communication channels.

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Material features

The TERIA Terminal has a single button for easy start-up of the device, known as the “One Touch” system. Thanks to its smart modem, it is possible to receive corrections from different sources..
The device enables an automatic switchover. Sometimes through cellular communications 4G / 3G / 2G or satellite communications with L-Band.
In order to get the L-Band data, the internal antenna must receive the TERIAsat satellite signals.
For this reason, it is recommended to install the TERIA Terminal eat the top of the cane to have your GNSS antenna and the TERIA Terminal at the same height.
L-Band system
The L-Band system refers to the operating frequency range of 1 to 2 GHz in the electromagnetic spectrum.
The L-Band wavelength range is 30-15 cm.
L-Band is one of the main operating ranges used by various applications such as radar, radio, telecommunications, aircraft surveillance and the American (GPS), European (GALILEO), Russian (GLONASS) and Chinese (BEIDOU) satellite positioning systems.

Performance of the material

The TERIA Terminal has embedded technology and compatibility with TERIA services. Receive your corrected data easily and quickly even in the most difficult areas.

The TERIA Terminal offers an ultra fast convergence time for all application sectors related to air, land and sea. Drone; Topography; Agricultural Robotics; Construction; Bathymetry; the TERIA Terminal is an all-rounder.

Receive corrections in seconds with an accuracy of 1-2cm over the TERIA service coverage area.

Compatibility with all
brands of material

Centimetric accuracy
extended to dead areas

convergence time

Videos of equipment configuration with the TERIA Terminal are available,
by clicking here

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