A successful French Ski Cup in the sun of Savoie

March 4 and 5, 2022, 6th edition of the French Cup of ski of the Surveyors in Saint-Gervais les Bains.

A competition that gathered more than a hundred participants from all over France. A “family celebration” co-organized by PUBLITOPEX, TERIA and GEOFONCIER.

On the program : a training session animated by GEOFONCIER and TERIA on Friday, March 4 before giving way to the ski competition on Saturday, March 5.

We’re off to the mountains !


TERIA, the historical partner of the French Order of Surveyors, co-organized this 6th ski competition in partnership with PUBLITOPEX and GEOFONCIER.

This event started with a first “studious” day. The surveyors attended a workshop on the functionalities of the GEOFONCIER platform and on the study of practical cases.

On the TERIA side, the first part was dedicated to the import of GEOFONCIER data into the PYX solution through Aplitop’s TcpGPS surveying software. In the second part, Jean BERTERRECHE presented the first ideas on data qualification, a real project for TERIA and a major issue for the profession.

The second day was dedicated to the ski contest.
Early in the morning, after breakfast, the participants put on their skis and enjoyed a few runs before the start of the race in sunny weather.

This year, Romain MARI, member of the French skicross team and of the    honored us with his presence by opening this 6th edition of the French Surveyors’ Ski Cup and by being the sponsor of the event.

10:30 am, the championship begins.
A total of 80 participants faced each other to try to make the best time in 2 consecutive rounds.

The snow is beautiful and the sun is shining.

Children are the first to slide on the track followed by adults. The first run went very well, many skiers managed to do very good times. The second run was a bit harder for some skiers… A few crashes but it takes more to stop the Surveyors !

The competition ended with an aperitif and a lunch. The opportunity for the participants to discuss with Romain MARI and to have some pictures taken. The awards ceremony was held the same evening with cups, gifts and trophies given by the organization. 

Congratulations to the region of Lyon who wins the French Cup of Skiing of the Surveyors 2022.
Well done to Victor DORNIER, the gold winner, who signed the best performance time of 38.47 seconds. 

We would like to congratulate all the Surveyors and their families for their participation. Beyond the sportive dimension, it was a pleasure for TERIA to share these moments of conviviality and happiness.
See you in 2024 !

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