2nd Edition of the eXpert GAME of the Order of Surveyors

On Thursday, May 5, the second edition of the eXpert GAME, the Surveyors’ Business Game, took place with the support of TERIA, partner of the event.

eXpert GAME 2022 : in the shoes of a surveyor

The aim of this event is to inform students about the profession of surveyor.
This year, 88 students from the three major schools: ESGT, ESTP, INSA Strasbourg Topo met on the Diamant Bleu boat in Paris. In a beautiful environment, students worked on three case studies dealing with urban planning issues

One topic : public space accessible to all

The event was led by David NICOLAS, President of the Communication Department of the French Order of Surveyors (OGE).

Joseph PASCUAL, President of the OGE inaugurated the event with an opening speech before giving the word to Jean BERTERRECHE, President of EXAGONE TERIA, partner of the event.

This business game was divided into 2 phases: the first phase was a digital game with various missions such as the survey of parking spaces for handicapped persons (PMR) as part of the Blue Parking project, taking photos of sites, quizzes… The second phase involved case studies during the face-to-face day.

For three hours, the 15 teams studied practical cases around the Domaine de Trévarez with the problematic : the redevelopment of three remarkable points of the public park of the domaine to make them accessible to all.

“The accessibility of public space for all” is a real development issue. 

Following the first edition, each team had a coach surveyor to accompany them throughout the event.

At the end of the exercise, each team presented its work to the coach, whose role was to choose the winning group, which would have the pleasure of presenting its project to the Jury.

ESGT is the winner of the eXpert GAME 2022

This year, ESGT is the winner, followed by INSA Strasbourg and ESTP. High quality projects were presented with a lot of dynamism and determination. We would like to congratulate all the teams who have brilliantly defended their work.

To conclude this event, students, jurors, surveyors and partners met for a cocktail party on the terrace of the boat. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas while enjoying the Parisian monuments during a cruise.




To animate the event, TERIA launched an Instagram contest in order to win an Iphone 13. The rule was simple : make the most original boomerang. The TERIA team received many creative and sometimes audacious proposals… Juliane Besseyre’s boomerang, a student at ESGT, was the one that caught our attention. A big congratulations for this magnificent figure created in front of the Eiffel Tower.
“The wheel turns in the profession”

The TERIA team would like to congratulate all the students of each school for their commitment and their enthusiasm which punctuated this beautiful day. 

Photos of the event

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