First the Pyrenees, then the Alps, passing through the Himalayas and ending in Antarctica,

PYX has participated in many scientific measurement expeditions. This is an opportunity for our engineers and partners to use the PYX receiver in extreme conditions.

For many years, TERIA has been regularly involved in many expeditions with scientists, surveyors and other professionals.

The objective is to contribute to the knowledge of the world and the preservation of the environment in order to honor its commitments under the ISO 14001 standard and the statut of “société à mission”.

Meet in the Ariegean Pyrenees

For more than 10 years, the TERIA team has been participating in the expedition led by the Surveyors on the Arcouzan glacier in the foothills of Mont Valier in Ariège. The objective is to measure the evolution of one of the last glaciers in the Pyrenees.

This year, the team has embarked PYX in this adventure with the objective to carry out a survey of points as well as a follow-up in real time.

The measurements taken by PYX have revealed significant changes since the last study in 2016.

  • 1st observation: the glacier has lost 6 meters of thickness
  • 2nd observation: the formation of a cave at the entrance of the glacier

Following these observations, the glaciologists noted that the Arcouzan glacier, until now one of the most resistant, was also suffering from the effects of global warming. The next post-winter measurement campaigns will have to confirm if the volume of ice can be reconstituted or if the tendency is to melt completely.  

A trip to the Alps

Since 2009, TERIA has been a partner in the adventure of the measurement of Mont Blanc.

For 12 years, TERIA has been accompanying surveyors in determining the altitude of the summit with centimetric precision in real time.

This year, two surveyors, representing TERIA, tested the PYX receiver to perform a trajectography of the ascent. The high performance technology embedded in PYX has proven its efficiency in difficult conditions.

Mont-Blanc measurement

4 807,81 m

Discovering one of the greatest summits in the world

When three passionate mountaineers presented us their amazing project, it was clear that TERIA wanted to be part of this adventure: the ascension without oxygen of Manaslu in Nepal, the eighth highest peak in the world.

Maialen BERTERRECHE, Frédéric ARBURUAK and Jakes SALLABEREMBORDE, three summiters and lovers of high mountains, have accepted the challenge of climbing the 8163-meter Manaslu summit in the fall of 2021.

The seven-week expedition required them to do acclimatization treks in successive stages between camps at 4500 to 7600 m to prepare their bodies for the rarefaction of oxygen. Our PYX receiver was very busy during this ascent to measure the different camps.

41 intense days of expedition that our trio of alpinists successfully completed in very changeable and challenging weather conditions.

Frédéric and Jakes reached the summit of Manaslu (8163 m) without oxygen. Maialen, faithful to her commitment not to use an oxygen mask, turned back at 7800m and returned to the last camp at 7600m.

A tremendous performance by all of us that is to be admired !

Altitude :


Position :

N 28 33.0136’


Position :

E 084 33.5752’


Heading to the South Pole with Antarctica 2.0°C

The Antarctica 2.0°C project took place over five months starting in October 2021.

Six students from the ENS, motivated by the desire to share the scientific approach, set out on an expedition from Marseille to Antarctica aboard a sailing boat, La Louise, fitted out as a mobile laboratory.

This interdisciplinary scientific project included 5 research areas : climatology, biogeochemistry of metals and microbiology, microplastics, sociology of science and biology of penguin populations.

TERIA, as a partner of the project, supported Lana DENOURRY on the tracking study of penguins.

In order to accompany her in her study, TERIA provided 2 PYX receivers and a post-processing service. In order to carry out her project, Lana has followed a personalized training with our technical department.

Thanks to Instadrone, another partner who recommended us for this scientific adventure.
We are also very happy to be back with Yellowscan for this environmental research project.

This approach is very important to TERIA and is in accordance with the company’s values and commitments as a mission-driven company.

Through these various expeditions, the PYX solution has demonstrated its efficiency.
Indeed, it integrates a last generation GNSS chip allowing an ultra-fast convergence in RTK or by L-Band satellite. This automatic switchover guarantees the best comfort for the measurement operations.
During the expedition, PYX demonstrated its robustness with IP68 protection.
Resistant to dust, drops, mud and rain.

PYX is THE partner for any test in the most extreme conditions.


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