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The 46th Congress of Surveyors was held from 13 to 15 September at the Carré des Docks in Le Havre. The theme of this year’s event was “A profession facing the challenges of society”. As every year, TERIA was present with the profession.

Une édition pas comme les autres

Last year, the Congress was held in digital mode. This year, the 46th Congress was a highly expected event for both attendees and organizers. For this edition, the surveyors wanted to recreate the connection with their partners, the business world and the institutions.

On the program of these 3 days, conferences around the performance of the firms in relation to the current and future societal issues. Many personalities from different backgrounds were present. Claudine Haigneré, scientist and spacewoman; Yannick Roudaut, essayist and lecturer; Elie Cohen, economist and research director at the CNRS… Trainee surveyors and students from ESGT, INSA Strasbourg and ESTP were also invited. Each participant presented his or her vision of today’s environmental context. In total, about fifty speakers exchanged around panels to bring their testimonies facing the challenges of tomorrow. 

EXAGONE TERIA was invited to share its commitment as a “Société à mission” and presented its services and products in the exhibitors’ hall.

EXAGONE TERIA, native "société à mission"

In 2021, EXAGONE TERIA has integrated the mention of “société à mission” in its statutes. A natural evolution, itself having been built on the foundations of the PACTE Law.

The PACTE Law of May 22, 2019 (Plan d’Action pour la Croissance et la Transformation des Entreprises) is intended to propose :

  • a new business model,
  • of a responsible economy
  • that reconciles profit and contribution to common progress
  • by setting social and environmental objectives that the company is committed to pursuing.

Since its origin, EXAGONE TERIA is based on this mode of management. The company combines the research of the interests of the civil society and the planet. This association shows that level of consciousness and level of performance can be closely related.

This research is part of an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified quality approach, with meaningful partnerships around three operational areas : internal management policy inspired by CSR (Corporate social responsibility) precepts, the societal impact of management and participation in environmental protection. 

During the Congress, a large part of the conferences was focused on the impact of the CSR approach within firms, an approach that is different from that of the mission-based firm.

CSR is concerned with the responsibility of the company towards society by relying on a strong regulatory approach (certifications, labels…).

The “société à mission” integrates CSR as a management base, but through its voluntary approach, it brings an additional level of commitment.
After defining a “reason for being” and several objectives to be achieved, it becomes a real compass for the company.

It is embedded in the statutes and permeates all levels. In order to ensure the sustainability of this commitment, its implementation is monitored by two entities : the Mission Committee and the Independent Third Party Organization, which are responsible for issuing opinions that are submitted to the shareholders and published in the Registry.

In this context, Paul CHAMBON, Technical Director and mission referent of EXAGONE TERIA, was solicited during a panel discussion to expose his vision as a company employee.

Jean BERTERRECHE, President of EXAGONE TERIA, closed the Congress by insisting on the interest of high precision in geolocation, in response to the growing demand for smart city applications.

The “Blue parking” operation illustrated this need, with strong integrity criteria already required for autonomous vehicles.

Then, he reviewed the concepts of the “société à mission”. He presented TERIA’s “reason for being” in the articles of association as well as the objectives chosen to structure the mission model.

From left to right : Cécile TAFFIN – Presidente of National Union of Surveyors ; Joseph PASCUAL – President of the Order of Surveyors ; Joël PIEGAY – President of Géofoncier.  Jean BERTERRECHE – President of EXAGONE TERIA and Patrick BEZARD-FALGAS – Chief Executive Géofoncier.

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The TERIA booth wearing the PYX colors

In August 2021, PYX was introduced to surveyors at the Université d’été. Over a year later, PYX is at the core of attention, the star of the booth proudly displaying the colors of the French flag.

Designed and produced in France, PYX is a high quality Full GNSS receiver including 448 signals. RTK and SSR technologies allow the user to work in the best conditions.

PYX is the first receiver in the world to use SSRZ and has an optimal coverage, even in dead zones. Regarding ergonomics, PYX is proud to be in the lightweight category with 325g. Robust but very light, PYX will accompany you everywhere in your work.

During this 3-day event, the TERIA team was delighted to exchange with surveyors, partners and other professionals.

It was a real pleasure to receive unanimous feedback from our customers & shareholders regarding the quality of PYX and especially to see the community of users increase after the Congress.

Welcome to all new PYX ambassadors !

Would you like more information about PYX,
the GNSS solution made in France ?


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