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Thursday, October 13 was held the 18th edition of the Geo Circle at the ESGT. An annual meeting between surveying professionals and students from all over France: ESGT, ESTP, INSA Strasbourg ou encore ENSG. This year, the theme was 3D imaging.

On the program: conferences, company meetings and an “stage dating” where professionals and students could discuss internship opportunities or TFE (Final Studies Work).

For this new edition, TERIA presented its commitment as a “société à mission” and in the support of students and intern surveyors.

TERIA's intervention followed with great attention

The morning was devoted to the conferences where each partner gave a 12-minute presentation.

TERIA chose to move away from the technical aspects of the event to focus on the long-term relationship with the students and the support provided.

This strong approach is fully in line with TERIA’s commitments as a “société à mission“.

Farès MAHI, Communication & Marketing Manager at TERIA, was pleased to present the various actions carried out with students to support them throughout their course.

TERIA also participates in scientific events such as the Arcouzan Glacier measurement and sports events such as the JURIS’CUP, a sailing competition, and the EDHEC Cruise Race.

TERIA is committed to being present and supporting these various events.

This presentation was also animated by François Le COZ, a graduate of the ESGT, an intern surveyor and also the manager of a company specializing in network detection.

François spoke about his academic and professional career, his relationship with TERIA and the way the company helped him to launch his business.

This intervention aroused a strong interest among the students who asked to continue the discussion after the conference.

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When the "société à mission" sparks students' curiosity and inspires them

The afternoon was dedicated to a more in-depth presentation of the “société à mission”, TERIA’s technological, societal and environmental commitments and the actions implemented to meet the obligations required by the status of “société à mission”.

Led by Farès MAHI, this presentation was an instructive moment where students seduced by this innovative approach, were able to discuss the subject at length.

The students present at the Cercle Géo are at a turning point in their careers where the orientations taken are decisive for their professional life.
For many of them, they would like to commit themselves to a sustainable future based on societal and environmental well-being. Joining a company with a responsible approach or being part of a company with a mission is therefore a strong and meaningful step.

TERIA’s management has been nourished by these values since its origin. The company’s history proves that it is possible to combine strong employee commitment, economic performance and participation in sustainable development.

The path taken by the company and its team members inspired the students present at the workshop.

Many questions and long discussions allowed them to project themselves into the future with a valorizing vision of the profession.

In addition to this presentation, Alexia TRAN, Communication & Marketing Manager at TERIA had the pleasure of receiving many students during the “stage dating“.

The interviews were held in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The first part of the interview was devoted to a generic presentation of TERIA. The second part focused on the profile wanted for a 6-month internship on the topic of “GNSS data qualification“.

For students interested in this internship, we invite you to send your CV to technique@eseau-teria.com.

Our Technical Director, Paul CHAMBON has already received several applications. The selected profiles will be contacted very soon for an interview.

Students' impressions

It's always nice to have TERIA as a trusted partner for those events that are so important for the ESGT.
The special relationship we have with our usual speakers
(Alexia, Farès and Mr. DI RENZO) is important and we intend to keep it going. Thank you very much, we are looking forward to working with you in the future!

I really appreciated the fact that an alumni spoke.
It's a great way to look ahead to the future.

I was impressed to see all the investments made by TERIA every year.
It just makes you want to start projects with them!

The speakers from TERIA were captivating, they invited us to come to their booth and to their demonstration in the afternoon.
I was able to visit them afterwards for more information. Their booth was highly visible.

The presentation in the afternoon was really interesting.
The proximity with the TERIA team was pleasant and convenient to ask more questions about the topics discussed.

Cercle Géo was a real success.

We would like to congratulate all the team of the SUPGETO Student Office for the organization of this event.

We had a good time sharing and conviviality.

We look forward to seeing the students again very soon.


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