The ESGTrail, a real success for the first edition

Thursday, February 17, 2023 was the launch of the ESGTrail, a student race co-organized by the association Topo Sans Frontières (TSF) and the ESGT Sports Office.
The objective: raising funds for TSF to support future surveying missions in Madagascar and Guatemala.

Back on this sporty day!

Run for a good purpose !

This year, Topo Sans Frontières launched a new project: the ESGTrail, a charity race to raise funds to help students depart on their surveying missions in Madagascar and Guatemala.

To support them, the Sarthe department financed the equipment as well as the awards. TERIA, historical partner decided to support this initiative by donating a sum of money for each kilometer run (1 km run = 1€ is donated by TERIA).

This charity race took place on the ESGT campus and brought together 92 participants distributed in 46 teams. The teams were divided into 2 groups: the first group composed of 19 teams and the second of 27.

The first group started at 3:00 p.m. After a few minutes of warm-up, the runners set off with determination and managed to complete 311 laps in a time limit of 30 minutes. At 3:45 pm, the second group has started, the sprinters were more numerous, they have counted 379 laps.

After 1 hour of intense physical effort, it was time for comfort! One took again forces with good pancakes and what to refresh itself.

The runners, highly motivated to collect a maximum of funds for TSF, have achieved a great performance: in total, 690 laps have been completed, the ultimate level of 300 km has been overcome with 316.02 km covered, which means a sum of 2 226.02 € collected.

316.02 KM




2226.02 €




Topo Sans Frontières Association

The association Topo Sans Frontières (TSF) of the ESGT (École Supérieure des Géomètres Topographes) was born from a student initiative. The objective of the students is to contribute their know-how for the benefit of a developing country.
In partnership with associations, NGOs, local training centers, governments and other institutions, TSF’s actions are part of a long-term humanitarian approach.

To carry out these projects, the intervention of the topographic surveyor is essential.
His role: to measure and delimit the land by making topographic plans for a good modeling of the land before the beginning of the works.
The surveyor’s know-how is therefore essential before any development operation.

The first mission was carried out in 2003 in Madagascar and consisted in carrying out topographic work in order to provide water to a village.
Each year, groups of student surveyors embark on the adventure to put their knowledge to good use, thus contributing to the development of the country where the project takes place. For 20 years, the students have visited 8 countries: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Guatemala and Madagascar.

TERIA's commitment to students

Société à mission since 2021,
EXAGONE TERIA is based on a challenging model to serve excellence through 3 operational areas in which the company operates since its creation : 

  • Conducting events and consultations on citizen and managerial innovation
  • Carrying out operational missions to transform organizations with an impact on human relations, well-being and/or the environment
  • Conducting operational missions in support of actions with a social or environmental impact

“TERIA, a committed company since its creation”

Thus, TERIA is involved in strong partnerships in 4 major areas: Scientific, Environment, Sport and Higher Education. As a long-standing partner of ESGT, TERIA accompanies students through various major events such as the Cercle Géo (a meeting between professionals and surveying students from all over France) and the Graduation ceremony.

TERIA also supports the Student Office, the Sports Office (ASGETO), and various associations such as Topo Sans Frontières, the AVGT ESGT (sailing association)… A permanent partnership that has created unfailing and durable relationships with the ESGT.


TERIA provides its data for free to the RGP of the IGN (Permanent GNSS Network) and contributes to scientific knowledge (meteorology, plate tectonics…)


TERIA is committed to the preservation of endangered marine species (whale sharks, sperm whales) and participates in scientific expeditions on global warming.


TERIA supports students throughout their academic career through various events.


TERIA supports aspiring French athletes, including those competing in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


A special thank you to Antonin Huet, Head of the ESGT Sports Office and Vice President of TSF,
and to the whole organization team for this great sports initiative.
Vice President of TSF as well as all the organizational team for this beautiful sports initiative.
Congratulations to all the participants for their involvement
without forgetting the immense support of the fans.

We look forward to seeing you for the 2nd edition !


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