The French Order of Surveyors has launched the 3rd edition of the eXpert GAME

Thursday, March 30 welcomed the launch of the third edition of the eXpert GAME, the Business Game of surveyors with the support of TERIA, Géofoncier and Publitopex, subsidiaries of the French Order of Surveyors.

As last year, the event took place next to the Eiffel Tower on the boat, the Diamant Bleu.

eXpert GAME 2023 : it's time for a new edition !

This year, the students were more numerous, more than a hundred young people from the three major schools : ESGTESTP, INSA Strasbourg Topo competed in two events.

The first one started from March 6 to 9, still in a digital format. The idea was to collect a maximum of scores before the final challenge, which was dedicated to case studies.

During the afternoon, the 17 teams worked on two case studies with the theme : “Reinventing the Eiffel Tower site in preparation for the 2024 Olympics”.

The first case study consisted of renaturating and greening a vast space from the Place du Trocadero to the Terrasses de Varsovie, passing through key locations such as the Pont d’Iéna, the Eiffel Tower’s forecourt and the Place Jacques-Rueff.


Project aim :

  • Create 16,724 m2 of additional green space,
  • Create 35,000 m2 of roadway for different users, including accessibility for people with limited mobility (PMR),
  • Plant 227 new trees.

The other case study aimed to imagine the implementation of an ephemeral Olympic swimming pool for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. To think its construction but also its post-event transformation.

Not an easy task! The challenge was to ensure that the pool would conform with current standards. The students had to anticipate its transformation considering the issue  of energy saving and respect for biodiversity in order to limit the impact on the environment.

During 2 hours, the students had to think about the way in which the surveyor would be involved in these different studies. Like last year, the teams were accompanied by surveyor-expert coaches to guide them through these complex urban planning projects.

After the “four o’clock” break, the students gathered by school to present their projects one by one and to select the most convincing one.

Which school won first place? Has ESGT retained its No. 1 status?

INSA Strasbourg unanimously approved

After a long deliberation, it was finally the INSA Strasbourg who won the 1st place. The second place goes to ESGT followed by ESTP in third place.

The jury was agreed! INSA team was able to integrate all the requirements and environmental standards imposed by the different projects. The participants presented a creative and modern project, particularly for the implementation of the temporary Olympic pool.

The Award Ceremony


INSA Strasbourg


  • 1st position : INSA, the winner, received from TERIA, the complete PYX package worth €6,990; Geofoncier gave a check for €700 to the BDE as well as vouchers for a value of €200 per student.
  • 2nd position : ESGT won a laptop computer offered by Géofoncier. The BDE received a check of 500€ from Géofoncier and Publitopex.
  • 3rd position : ESTP also won a laptop computer offered by Publitopex. The BDE received a check for 300€ from Géofoncier and Publitopex.

The event ended with a pleasant moment during a cocktail reception.

Congratulations to all the participants for their involvement and
and their enthusiasm during this beautiful workshop !

Some photos of the event

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