A memorable day combining competition and conviviality

On Friday June 2nd, the first edition of the TERIA OPEN GOLF competition took place at Bordeaux Lac’s Blue Green, marking a memorable day for all Golf lovers. This event was an excellent opportunity for our customers and partners to meet up and share their passion for golf.

Here’s a review of this friendly sporting event, which was a huge success !

Let's start with some history.

It appears that the true origins of modern golf come from Holland under the name of “colf”. The game was first played in 1297 in Loenen aan de Vecht, during a commemoration that involved hitting a ball towards a specific goal.

In 1754, the sport was certified in Scotland by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews, which published 13 rules that have remained almost unchanged.

Golf only really took off in the second part of the 19th century, with the introduction of professionalism and private clubs in Scotland and England. The first British Open contested by professionals was set up in 1860, then at the beginning of the 20th century.

Precision, endurance, technical skill and concentration are all essential qualities in this activity. Assets that TERIA also shares within its company.

William Mosman – Sir James Macdonald 1741 – 1765 and Sir Alexander Macdonald 1744 – 1810
Source : https://www.golftechnic.com/le-golf-un-sport-pas-comme-leshistoire-du-golf-autres/



Day started in bright sunshine, with an electric atmosphere full of anticipation and excitement. To provide an experience for all game levels, TERIA organized two thrilling competitions.
The first, dedicated to beginners and amateurs, offered the opportunity to receive initiation lessons from expert professionals and to familiarize themselves with a 9-hole Scramble course.
The competition consisted of an approach contest on the Pitch and Putt.

The main challenge was to determine which of the participants could get as close as possible to the hole in a shot, then sink the ball in a minimum of strokes using the putter.

The second competition was for seasoned licensed golfers ready to demonstrate their skills and mastery of the game over an 18-hole course.

Despite the friendly atmosphere, the competition spirit was present at all times, with participants measuring themselves against each other. Indeed, the competition was an official one, with the results sent to the French Golf Federation at the end of the day.

And so, for over 4 hours, our budding golfers and trainee golfers took to the turf at Bluegreen Bordeaux Lac, each with their own goal in mind.

The contest within the contest

In the golf world, the power and precision of the swing are essential for achieving outstanding results. That’s why we’ve organized an exciting competition to determine the winner of the longest DRIVE on the 4th hole.

The objective is simple: to get as far as possible on the opening shot on the 4th hole.

The 4th hole is renowned for its distance and its challenge, encouraging golfers to give their best to achieve a master stroke. Competitors took to the course with gusto, hoping to see their ball reach spectacular distances, while keeping the ball on the fairway to avoid disqualification.

To ensure accurate measurement, the PYX French GNSS receiver was used, and operated by UNGE Géomètres-Experts from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, who initiated the contest.

The PYX, a state-of-the-art professional GPS, was our partner in accurately measuring each drive. Thanks to its ultra-fast initialization time, it enabled us to measure distances reliably without slowing down the competition. This enabled us to establish fair rankings and determine the most powerful golfers in the competition.

Thanks to the quick, easy and efficient handling of the PYX, our Surveyors who were unfamiliar with the device were able to get up and running very quickly and produce very accurate point measurements.


1st : Olivier GUICHETEAU – 225,64 m

2nd : Damier PERRET – 212, 68 m

3rd : Serge Miranda – 197,05 m

A moment of sharing

After an intense day on the green, a special evening of conviviality brought together all the participants and their entourages. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the highlights of the day, share anecdotes and create new friendships. The conviviality and fellowship flowed from every conversation, reinforcing the connections between the golf aficionados.

A perfect moment for a prize ceremony with top-class prizes. High-quality golf equipment and accessories… Everything was carefully selected to delight the players.

Winner NET :



Winner BRUT :

Thierry MARTY

Résultats Classement BRUT
Résultats Classement NET

We would like to warmly thank all those who contributed to the success of this first edition of the TERIA OPEN GOLF. The entire staff of Blue Green Bordeaux Lac, the members of UNGE present and, of course, all the golf-loving participants who made this event an unforgettable experience. Your presence and enthusiasm have created an exceptional atmosphere.

We’re delighted with the success of this first edition, which promises to be a great success in the future. Stay tuned to TERIA news to keep up to date with the latest exciting events.

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