On June 27, 28 and 29, the summer universities of the Order of Surveyors were held at the ESGT ( Higher School of Surveyors and Topographers) in Le Mans.
TERIA was present at this event dedicated to the profession, with its traditional general meeting. A very special edition with major announcements…

It's all about PYX !

No need to introduce PYX, GNSS receiver, a technological flagship designed and manufactured in France.

Again this year, PYX was the star of the TERIA stand.

Many of you shared your feedback from using PYX. Once again, we’d like to thank you for your confidence and for the quality of these ever enriching discussions.

We also welcome new customers to the growing PYX community.

For this 10th edition, there’s a new feature for the PYX: it’s now possible to order a Rugged Tablet equipped with its own bracket. Available in Option at €400 ex-VAT.

(For more information, please contact us).

A new version of the TcpGPS application is now available. Discover the interface evolution and new functionalities, making the software even more intuitive.

This update is available free of charge from the Google Play Store.

PYX c’est :

  • A three-frequency receiver
  • More than 10 hours of autonomy in TERIA & TERIAsat mode
  • An all-purpose receiver
  • And so much more…
Discover PYX features

Centimetric survey
Stake out
Survey of details


of buried networks


Visualization of buried networks


 Georeferencing of targets
Use as a mobile RTK/PPK station

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Data qualification

According to the law, what is a Surveyor ?

The chartered surveyor “carries out topographical studies and work to establish the boundaries of landed property and, as such, draws up topographical plans and documents, at any scale and in any form, concerning the definition of rights attached to landed property, such as plans for the division, sharing, sale and exchange of landed property, plans for the demarcation or demarcation of landed property…”. Article 1° of the law of May 7 1946.

The mission entrusted to the surveyor, and the responsibility that goes with it, require irreproachable quality in the geographic data produced, as well as a thorough understanding of the process by which it is created.
It is crucial that the measurements carried out in the field by surveyors are not only precise, but also accurate.

The evolution of surveying technologies now enables us to announce accuracy of the order of a few centimetres under optimum conditions. However, it is important to note that environmental, human and technical factors can affect the quality of the measurement, without the surveyor necessarily being informed, even though he or she may be held responsible.

So, in some cases, the equipment may be accurate or even very accurate, but the measurements may be incorrect…

In this context, TERIA has initiated a profound reflection on the qualification of geographic data and how to guarantee levels of precision and accuracy during field operations.
During two workshops, Paul Chambon, General Manager and Head of TERIA’s Technical Department, presented the automatic control methods that could be configured by the surveyor according to accuracy class. These advances could protect surveyors in case of anomalies.

To find out more, register for the workshops at the Summer Universities in Montpellier on August 29 & 30, 2023. For more information, click here.

A not so ordinary Annual General Meeting

EXAGONE TERIA’s traditional Annual General Meeting took place alongside the Summer Universities in Le Mans. It was an opportunity to report on the year’s achievements and present the latest news. Important announcements were made at the meeting, explaining the very special nature of the event.

After 30 years of dedicated work at EXAGONE TERIA, Jean BERTERRECHE has decided to retire.

He has been succeeded by Patrick DI RENZO, formerly General Manager, and Paul CHAMBON, who now holds the position of Managing Director.

Patrick DI RENZO

It’s a great honor for me to take on the role of Chairman of EXAGONE TERIA. I will carry out this new role with enthusiasm and passion, but also with humility and determination.
In this year of Olympic preparations, I’d like to quote Pierre de Coubertin’s motto: “Faster, higher, stronger, together” – yes, together! Because you are our raison d’être, and I’m counting on you to support me during my term of office.
Thanks to the progress we have made since 2005 and the numerous projects that have come to life within TERIA, our teams can be proud of the work they have accomplished to develop our Company and give it its current base.
I am very confident in our ability to pursue this managerial policy and to take advantage of new prospects to place TERIA among the leaders in the precision geolocation sector.

I would like to thank our shareholders for their confidence.
We will continue to develop TERIA’s project by extending the panel of users and by continuing, together with all our staff and stakeholders, to work for a responsible growth and sustainable development.

Executive Director

The ceremony ended with a warm round of applause and a lot of emotion. After these rich revelations, the TERIA team invited customers and partners to their stand for a “verre de l’amitié“, to celebrate the news in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

From left to right : Jean BERTERRECHE, Patrick DI RENZO, Paul CHAMBON, Daniel JOUANNET

One page turned, a new chapter written.

Visit our Blog section to see or review all the events TERIA has participated in.


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