TERIA alongside European geomatic experts

On 9 November, Paris played host to the 9th Conference of the Council of European Surveyors (CLGE).
For the first time in 15 years, this event took place in the French capital, bringing together representatives from nearly 30 nations.

A successful 9th edition

CLGE works to create a permanent forum for European surveyors, to promote the exchange of technical, scientific, educational and organizational know-how, and to provide assistance on request.

Each year, CLGE organizes a conference in a different European country, highlighting specific themes. Indeed, the 2023 edition was a resounding success, with 110 people physically present at the Novotel Paris 17, and over 800 online participants via the Zoom platform. The central theme of the conference, which focused on the role of the surveyor in disaster management, aroused keen interest among attendees.

During the conference, 27 speakers shared case studies, highlighting the essential contribution of surveyors against a contemporary backdrop of successive disasters.
Topics such as safeguarding historic monuments, guiding firefighters through forest fires, and warning of tsunamis and earthquakes captivated the audience of surveyors and specialists from all over Europe.

The conference was accompanied by the CLGE General Assembly, attended by some 70 representatives from European nations. Once again, the AGM provided a platform for exchanging views on joint actions by the profession on a continental scale.

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TERIA an unfailing commitment

TERIA, true to its dedication to the profession, supported this initiative as a sponsor.

In his presentation, Paul Chambon, TERIA’s Managing and Technical Director, shared the perspectives and solutions that GNSS could bring in the future.

TERIA’s active presence within the CLGE, with the appointment of Patrick Di Renzo, Paul Chambon and Farès MAHI as members, underlines TERIA’s ongoing commitment as a Société à Mission to the profession and its ecosystem.

This 9th CLGE Conference will be remembered as a key moment, highlighting the crucial role of surveyors in society and strengthening bonds within the European surveying community.

A milestone that redefines the boundaries of geomatics and lays the foundations for a more collaborative and innovative future in the face of contemporary challenges.


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