TERIA services are designed to meet the requirements of positioning and navigation in a wide variety of industries (topography, cartography, agriculture, construction, SIG, machine management, robotics, connected objects, etc.)

TERIA offers a high level of expertise to all its users through personalized support, permanent technical assistance and constant optimization of its infrastructures. We have integrated the best of technological solutions and processes to offer you a precise, secure and innovative service, wherever you are.

Applications dedicated to the air environment concern civil aviation or even civil aeronautics. These solutions provide extremely accurate and reliable navigation, ideal for high quality surveys and measurements via all types of platforms such as drones, aircraft and helicopters.

Our services meet the need for accurate positioning for all in-flight applications. Regardless of your equipment, a solution meets your needs.

TERIA solutions offer real-time corrections through the Internet. Thanks to the TERIAsat service, which broadcasts L-band corrections, you get independent reception of any terrestrial link and benefit from a real-time centimetric precision positioning service.

We also propose post-processing solutions, for the calculation of precise trajectographies either by providing Rinex files or by processing raw data.



The terrestrial ” professional ” applications allow very precise measurements to be made even in restricted areas not covered by the telephone network. But far beyond the traditional topographical needs, an increasing number of equipment requires precise positioning, such as robots in the agricultural sector, driving assistance systems or systems to help guide visually impaired people.

Accordingly, in precision agriculture, the application will make it possible to delimit plots, locate and date seeds, regulate chemical treatments, etc.

On the transport and mobility side, this solution will offer route optimisation, delimitation of maintenance, replenishment or breakdown points, route control and goods location. Rail transport will use this technology for train tracking and waiting time management.

As a result, the scope of application is extended: geodesy, topography, public works, GIS, robotics, precision agriculture, autonomous vehicle, archaeology, Smart City, personal monitoring, etc.

Nowadays, accurate real-time positioning is becoming a common requirement. TERIA makes it possible to respond by offering high availability services and becomes a key player in geolocation.


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Offshore applications contribute to improving the quality, accuracy and productivity of marine surveying and navigation operations. They can be used for bathymetric surveys, boat guidance missions (hydrographic vessels, fishing vessels, pleasure craft), fleet management and all types of maritime navigation, etc.

For example, applications related to marine topography focus on a large number of specific constraints and characteristics. TERIA services offer a reliable and precise solution to this need.

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