TERIA is firmly committed to a quality approach. It is committed to long-term partnerships that make sense and create links between customers.

Whether it is to support athletes, help young generations in their training cycles, assist activities to protect the environment or endangered species, TERIA takes into account the interests of civil society and the planet, proving that the level of awareness and performance can be closely linked.

Scientific commitment

Measurements of the Arcouzan glacier, Mont-Blanc, the Pilat Dune, tide gauge measurements, modeling of the Pïc du Midi d’Ossau, Barre des Ecrins, Mont Ventoux, Mont Valier etc.

Animal welfare

Protection of marine mammals in partnership with the MEGAPTERA, APECS and LORDS OF THE OCEAN associations :

  • MEGARA mission : deployment of satellite beacons on humpback whales
  • MAUBIDICK mission : sperm whale tracking
  • SHARKY mission : whale shark tracking
  • PELARGOS mission : basking shark tracking
  • Porbeagle tracking
  • LORDS OF THE OCEAN mission : fight prejudice and work for the preservation of the 5 sharks considered the most dangerous in the world.

Sports partner

TERIA of French athletes in various disciplines:

  • Aude COMPAN & Julie BOSSARD from the Sailing Team for the TOKYO 2020 and PARIS 2024 Olympic Games
  • Titouan PETARD, sailor of the year, Nacra17 from Paris Generation 2024
  • Romain MARI, European Champion of skicross
  • Stéphane LOUARD, racing driver
  • Frédérique, Candice & Stéphanie from Team TERIA for RAID AMAZONES in Cambodia in 2018
  • Théo ANDREOLETTI, junior karting champion

Partner of prestigious schools

Partner of leading engineering schools:

  • ESGT
  • ENSG
  • ESTP
  • INSA
  • Telecom ParisTech
  • University of Sofia Antipolis
  • Cantau & Dorian Highschools

Cultural sponsorship

Artistic and cultural commitment:

  • Virginio VONA, painter and cartoonist
Aude COMPAN & Julie BOSSARDSkippers Road to Tokyo 2021 & Paris 2024

TERIA has been a partner in our project since 2018 ! We had the opportunity to meet an enthusiastic and dynamic team. They knew how to trust us and we are proud to represent TERIA by wearing its colours all over the world aboard our boat during our competitions! Thank you TERIA !

Théo ANDREOLETTIFrench Espoir in Karting

TERIA has been supporting me since the 2017 season and allows me to progress every year in motor sport. Thanks to its help, I am competing in my first race at the French National Karting Cup.
A real partnership, as important to me as it is pleasant and friendly! A big thank you to the whole TERIA team !

Titouan PETARDFrench Espoir - Best Sailor 2019

TERIA is a new partner for us. Their support has enabled us to acquire a new boat with which we have major objectives for 2019. A very special thanks to them !

Stéphane LOUARDFrench racing driver

I can never thank TERIA enough for the trust they placed in me.
I'm proud to represent the company at every race and it's an extra source of motivation to get the few seconds that are missing to win. Thank you and long life to TERIA !

Virginio VONAArtiste - Painter- Drawer

I have found in TERIA a reliable partner who is committed to my various actions. I am proud to say that they support me !

Philippe SablayrollesTeacher in BTS Surveying and Topography

Your participation was a key element in the success of the event. Your support for our education is invaluable as it helps to strengthen our community and keeps alumni and current professionals connected. We are proud to see that you share our commitment to excellence and the success of our students.