TERIA offers a wide range of services adapted to its customers’ requirements and according to their business activity. Discover our solutions: the PPP – RTK TERIA service available via the Internet; TERIAsat, the 100% satellite solution GNSS or TERIAmove dedicated to mobile applications.

In addition, we offer an online post-processing service and the download of your Rinex files. TERIA also offers tailor-made training and project management assistance. For further information, please contact us…



TERIA is a precision satellite geolocation service. GNSS positioning provides the opportunity to position oneself with metric accuracy at the global level.

Our service corrects these signals to allow the GNSS receiver to deliver centimetric precision positioning in a few seconds using RTK and N-RTK techniques. To achieve this, we rely on standards such as the NTRIP protocol for data exchange and the RTCM format for the dissemination of corrections.

Corrections are available via the Internet. Our processing servers are in the Cloud to provide you with a 24/7 service.

Find information on the coverage area of this service in the network page.

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TERIAsat is a service for improving the accuracy of satellite geo-positioning. GNSS positioning allows you to position yourself with metric accuracy at the global level.

Our service corrects these signals to enable the GNSS receiver to deliver centimetric precision positioning in a few seconds using the PPP-RTK technique. A PPP service is available to cover areas not covered by PPP-RTK.
Corrections are sent via geostationary satellites and converted to N-RTK in RTCM format to ensure that the receiver can operate in RTK mode. Corrections can be received either via an external box or directly in some receivers integrating a TERIAsat-compatible L-Band modem.

The iTERIA Smartphone application offers an augmented reality view of the position of geostationary satellites in order to easily identify the masks.

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The TERIAmove service allows to meet the precision localization requirements for all receivers whose GNSS antenna is in motion. From precision agriculture, to robotics and drones, this service adapts to these needs in order to provide highly accurate corrections. A very fast convergence time is ensured in order to allow a return to precision after a loss of precision due to important masks (tunnel, parking, link with an indoor positioning system, etc.).

At the technological level, this service makes it possible to combine NRTK and PPP-RTK corrections. This service guarantees the highest availability and allows precise positioning with an integrity calculation. It offers receivers two independent correction flows, in order to calculate two precise redundant positions.

This service guarantees the highest availability

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The TERIAreplay service provides a posteriori GNSS corrections for a preconfigured scenario in order to evaluate the performance of one or more GNSS receivers. GNSS replay consists in replaying raw GNSS signals recorded along a scenario for which a so-called reference trajectory (as accurate as possible) has been calculated.

TERIAreplay thus allows the user to configure the correction stream that will be transmitted to the receivers under test, leaving the user the possibility to :
– choose the type of corrections (RTK, NRTK, PPP-RTK),
– choose the number and type of GNSS constellations
– choose the frequency for receiving corrections,
– simulate the lack of receipt of corrections over a given period of time.

Thus, the end user is able to qualify the performance of a GNSS receiver over a given scenario, while using TERIA corrections to obtain real-time centimetric positioning.

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A “Network Engineering” department allows us, in the form of a Contracting Authority Assistance, to share our know-how and to advise several actors such as companies, States or associations, wishing to implement a real-time GNSS network technology.

From the design to the implementation of a GNSS network, from its maintenance to its ISO certification, EXAGONE will be able to be your advisor and your partner for the realization of your project.

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GNSS observations are recorded in Rinex files (data exchange format). These Rinex files allow the coordinates of a point parked by the user to be calculated using post-processing software.

From the TERIA Network, it is possible to generate observations for a virtual station and thus provide a Rinex file throughout the coverage area. These virtual Rinex files can be used, for example, to simulate observations from a hub station located in the centre of a construction site.

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Following the observations made by the mobile receiver, the user connects to the post-processing server, loads his Rinex file with observations and thus retrieves the precise coordinates of the parked point.

The technology used for this calculation is PPP-RTK, a combination of two technologies:

  • The PPP “Precise Point Positioning” which consists in accurately correcting satellite orbits and clocks.
  • The RTK “Real Time Kinematic” which consists in correcting relative positioning errors with a reference GNSS station.

Thus by using the PPP-RTK, we have the advantages of the PPP (large coverage area) and the advantages of the RTK (convergence and accuracy time).

For the accuracy to be centimetric, the user must park the point at least 20 minutes, in the areas covered by the TERIA Network.

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The objective is to optimize with the participants the functioning of their equipment from both a theoretical and practical point of view within the framework of an efficient use of the TERIA Network.

The training is therefore divided into two parts, a first part “geodesy and GPS” and a second “practical work” with a field trip. This allows operators to better understand the use of their respective devices and their options.

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