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Simple and intuitive, the iTERIA application gives you access to the basics in real time.


The GDOP (Geometric Dilution Of Precision)is the precision loss factor:
it characterizes the influence of satellite geometry when measuring the position of a GPS receiver. The lower the GDOP value, the better the accuracy of the measured position. 

The real-time map

This map informs you of the status of the stations in real time.
You will also find the detailed information of each station: ID (station acronym), RTCM, nSV (number of satellites tracked), the coordinates of the station in GF93 (latitude, longitude and ellipsoidal height) as well as all the constellations tracked.

Satellite positioning
providing TERIAsat corrections

With the virtual reality feature, point your hardware/tablet towards the satellite providing the TERIAsat corrections until the circle turns green. This allows you to check the availability of the satellite at the construction site.


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