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customer relations and satisfaction
are at the heart of our concerns.


Airbus is a Franco-German aircraft manufacturer and an international industrial partnership active in the civil and military aerospace sector. When it was created in 2000, the group was called the European Aeronautic Defence and Space company(EADS) and was owned by Lagardère and Daimler. It was the result of a merger of almost all the French, German and Spanish aircraft manufacturers.

Since 2013, the majority of the group’s capital has been on the stock Exchange. The group and the subsidiary specialising in civil aircraft created in 1969, known as ” Airbus “, have gradually merged and taken the same name.

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CADDEN is a French supplier, integrator and manufacturer of precision positioning systems for the geosciences and precision navigation.

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The Centre national d’études spatiales (CNES) is a public industrial and commercial establishment responsible for developing and proposing the French space programme to the French government, and then implementing it

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